Interior Architect – Solange Lemmer

Etch Interiors takes pride in not only designing for the client, but also designing for the space. Interior design means making the best possible use of the available space and this is the outlook which Solange uses when designing. The interior needs to be functional and practical, while still incorporating your unique brand, style and taste. What does our journey together include: Concept development, design, procurement and project management.


Concept development is the first step in design – this is where you dream and tell me about your personal style and I create a unique identity for your space. Your space needs to show you, because it’s for you and it’s yours. Etch Interiors tries to implement green and sustainable design as far as possible.


Etch Interiors takes pride in working in conjunction with the client to ensure that your voice is always heard. Solange is very passionate about her approach, “When it comes to the finishes and the final look of your space I like to think ‘functional, practical and precise’.”